Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is iOnSite?

    iOnSite is a workforce and jobsite management tool that allows businesses to know where their personnel are in real time and to bridge the communications gap between the field and the office. iOnSite records all location data, in-app chats, geotagged photos, and geofence data for a complete history of events for future auditing or dispute resolution. Businesses using iOnSite can collaborate with their vendors and subcontractors in the creation of tracking sessions to enable greater collaboration through the shared tracking of all personnel on a project or jobsite.

    iOnSite has two components: a web interface designed for business owners and managers, and a mobile app that is used by employees for location sharing and communication. Businesses can get set up within minutes with no hardware required beyond access to a browser and any iOS or Android powered smartphone. The web interface is easiest to use on desktops, laptops, or tablets but can be used with full functionality via mobile phone browsers as well.

  • What industries do you serve?

    iOnSite is built for any business with personnel out in the field. iOnSite was originally built for the construction and trucking industries but has since grown and evolved to serve a variety of industries: energy, mining, events, security, agriculture, landscaping, sales, healthcare, and many more. No matter what industry you are in, iOnSite can help make your business smarter and more efficient. Contact for help figuring out how iOnSite can optimize your business too!

  • How much does it cost?

    Our contract-free subscription pricing is flexible and easy to scale. Invest in smarter and more efficient operations for your business for just $19.95 per month, multiplied by the maximum number of mobile app users you need to track at any given time. The best part is that iOnSite almost certainly pays for itself through a more efficient and effective workforce, time savings in the back office, and faster dispute resolution.

  • How does it work?

    Business owners and managers organize tracking sessions, which are short term periods of time during which personnel consent to sharing their location. Session organizers designate which of their own personnel they invite to the session, and organizers also have the option to request that a vendor or subcontractor add their own personnel to that session as well. Organizers can add geofences to a session and add optional triggers to that geofence like photo prompts or the sharing of instructions.

    Once the session is created, all personnel invited to the session are notified via the mobile app and can accept or decline the invitation. After the session starts, the organizer will be able to see the real-time location of all their own personnel as well as personnel provided by vendors. Organizers can chat back and forth within the app to mobile users assigned to the session, sending and receiving project updates or providing instructions or tasks. Mobile users can send photos and scans of documents back to the organizer, giving office personnel improved insight into what’s going on in the field.

    After the session is completed, organizers can generate a variety of reports including a summary of the session’s events, able to be filtered by mobile user or company. This summary of the session’s events includes time stamped chats, instructions, photo prompts and the resulting geotagged photos, geofence entry and exit times, and other pertinent information. Additionally, the location data of each mobile user can be replayed to verify exact location at any specific time during the session.

  • What is an organizer?

    An organizer is an iOnSite user that creates the tracking sessions. Organizers set the time frame for the session, invite contacts and vendors to join the session, and add geofences. Once the session is live, organizers have the power to add or remove contacts and vendors, participate in chats, and end the session early. Organizers are the only paying users on the iOnSite platform.

  • What is a vendor?

    Vendors are designated people or businesses who work or collaborate with iOnSite organizers. For example, a construction company may add their electrician and plumbing subcontractor companies as vendors. When an organizer creates a session and invites a vendor to participate, the vendor will be notified by email and will be able to assign members of their own workforce to the organizer’s session. In return, the vendor will be able to see where those members are for the duration of that session. There is no cost to be an iOnSite vendor.

  • What is a mobile user?

    Mobile users are iOnSite app users that can be invited directly to a session by an organizer, or indirectly through a vendor’s assignment. They may be employees of the organizer or vendor, or they could be subcontractors who work frequently with the organizer. Mobile users can access the mobile app through the App Store and Google Play. Mobile users can review session invitations and accept or decline them. While in an active session, they can chat with other mobile users, view geofences, and upload photos. There is no cost to be an iOnSite mobile user.

  • What is a viewer?

    A viewer is a third-party who has an interest in viewing the location of the mobile users participating in a tracking session. Organizers can share a restricted link to the live map of the tracking session to show the location of one or more mobile users. A viewer may be a client of the organizer or a regulatory body that ensures compliance. There is no cost to be an iOnSite viewer.

  • What is a suborganizer?

    Organizers who create an iOnSite account for their business can add colleagues to the account in a suborganizer role. The first person to create the account is the account owner by default and manages account payment information. Owner rights can be transferred to other suborganizers. Organizers can create, modify, and interact with tracking sessions. There is no cost to add suborganizers to an iOnSite account.

  • What is a geofence?

    A geofence is a designated area, added to a session by an organizer, that triggers an alert, a notification, and/or an action. For example, an organizer can set up a geofence around a jobsite so that organizer is alerted when a mobile user enters or exits the site. That organizer can include instructions (example: “Gate code is 1234”) or request that the mobile user takes a photo of a completed task. Organizers can create and use unlimited geofences.

  • How do I improve an inaccurate location?

    iOnSite works best when mobile users have a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. Environmental factors like dense trees, steep mountains, tall buildings, or even heavy cloud cover can negatively impact location accuracy. Removing these factors to the best of your ability can improve the location. Other tips include turning on your wifi and moving to a place with strong phone reception. iOnSite does its best to minimize the impact of faulty or inaccurate data but, unfortunately, we can only work with the data transmitted to us by the hardware, which has its own limitations.

  • Why is it necessary for a mobile user to select “Always” for location tracking permission?

    “Always” is necessary so mobile users can participate fully in the session even while their phone or their hands are busy doing something else. Need to place a phone call or open your browser? Need to put your phone in your pocket or on the passenger seat? Not a problem! With “Always” selected, iOnSite can keep working in the background.

  • Do you have any demo videos?

    Yes! Demo videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

    Setting Up Your iOnSite Account:

    Basic Homepage Functionality:

    Creating a Mobile User:

    Creating a Vendor:

    Creating a Session:

    Creating a Geofence:

  • I want to use iOnSite’s platform to power my business idea. Is that possible?

    Yes! Our white label solutions are a great option for users seeking enterprise pricing and custom corporate branding. For users seeking even more customization or modifications, we’d love to chat about a partnership together. To learn more about either of these options, please reach out to us at